Hello and welcome to the official guide for Beezr

The purpose of this documentation is to provide the required information and guidance on the Beezr Designer.

Beezr Designer gives you the capability to design, build and publish your business application idea without the need to code. We offer a wide range of tools to enable users to build highly complex and integratable applications.

Let's start with the basics.

The platform components

Beezr can be divided into the following components:

Designer Space (https://designer.beezr.io)

A set of tools that help you build the backend and front end of your software 20 times faster than traditional development. In this guide, we'll explore each of those tools and how you can use them to build every business requirement that faces you!

Application Space (https://app.beezr.io)

The end result of your configurations. this is what the end users see and use. The best part, any changes required can be applied in real-time and with zero downtime for the business.

Workflow Automation

Beezr has an enterprise-grade automation engine that we built and redesigned from scratch to be simple, intuitive, and powerful.

We consider this as the business logic of your application. Beezr Flow makes it easy to digitalize and automate your most unique workflows in a few minutes.

Business Reports

After you've built your digital database and automated your workflows, it's time to get insights about your business operations. 

We've built a business intelligence tool that will help you create even the most complicated reports from your data. Whether it's a tabular report, graph, comparative, or even a customized one, we have you covered.

In this guide, you can learn how to use those reports in your dashboards for the end users.


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